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17th Annual Custom Spur Show and Auction

This year’s Spur Auction showcased many talented Spur Makers. The event was held at the Merket at the Texas Tech Alumni Center. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal from Top Tier Catering.  Danny Cadra kept everyone entertained with his sweet country tunes.  A survivor shared her heroic tale and reminded everyone of how important it is to stop domestic violence.  Then Terry Dunlap got the action going with the live auction and the generosity of those in attendance was mind blowing.  Thank you to all whom attended and participated for making October 26th an unforgettable event!
Special Thanks to the wonderfully talented Spur Makers that make this event possible!
Biggs Bird       Edd Farabee       David Farkes    Jerry Galloway    John Jennings    Reid Jones    Buddy Knight
Andre Lewis    Brian Mauney     John Nord         Stephen White    Gary Wiggins      Gary Williamson
 Photography by Bill Simington Donations by Holly’s Hope and Bobby McQueen Real Estate

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