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Meet The Spur Makers

Handcrafted Spurs for a Good Cause

Andre Lewis Custom Spurs was established in 2011. Andre retired from the corporate world to follow his passion in building spurs and enjoying the country life and self-employment. He taught himself the skills of crafting a pair of spurs and through the years learned from other fellow spur makers. Each pair is uniquely crafted as a work of art. The entire design of the spur is cut out, designed and welded by him in his shop. Despite the hot days in the summer or freezing temps in the winter, he enjoys the casual work attire and the short walk from the front door of the house to work each day.
Andre, and wife, Tamra, enjoy living in Clyde, east of Abilene, and being near family, kids, and grandkids.




Brian Mauney




David Farkas




Doug Cook


Ed Farabee grew up in Wichita Falls. He worked his way through Texas Tech shoeing horses. Moving to a place near Levelland after graduation, he trained horses for decades. He lost his equilibrium a few years back and had to retire from the horse business.

He credits Jayson Jones, bit and spur maker, for mentoring him in spur making. “It gets me out of the house and gives me a reason to get up in the morning,” Farabee said. He set out to build spurs and bits in a somewhat unique style. He didn’t want his creations to look like all the rest. This is mostly done through the mountings, which are thicker than usual and made of 16 gauge sterling silver and copper. “I wanted something that had some dimension to it.”

He has built more than 30 pairs of spurs and even more bits. He stays about two months behind on orders, which he attributes more to a lack of speed than order volume.
Better yet, spur making is a relatively safe pursuit. “I’ve been sitting on that shop stool for three or four years and I haven’t been bucked off one time,” Farabee said.

This is Farabee’s second time to participate in the WPS spur auction.




Eddy Mardis


Gary Williamson: San Antonio, Texas

Gary Williamson grew up working on the family ranch and backgrounding feedlot south of Portales in eastern New Mexico, later spending six years running a handyman business in Reno, NV.

Inspired by the work being done by his older brother, Stewart Williamson, Gary decided to get into the spur-making business in 2013, working for a time out of his brother's shop in NM. In 2016 Gary and his family moved to San Antonio and set up his own shop in town there.

Gary’s goal is to produce solidly built, long-lasting gear, working with each customer to produce and decorate one-of-a-kind pieces that are functional, yet artistically beautiful. He admires the California and Buckaroo styles but has mostly made Texas style pieces.

Gary continues to be amazed and challenged by the work being produced by the other spur makers, and is very grateful for the friendship, support, and advice offered by all of them.




Jerry Galloway




Jerry Lindley




Stephen White


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