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FTT Committee Descriptions

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Farm to Table(aux) brings together community-minded, philanthropic art & food lovers to enjoy a feast and seasonal dishes prepared by local chefs and farmers, alongside the imaginative productions and performances of local artists and entertainers. 

Are you worried you don’t have the time, but still want to support? We have a variety of opportunities which will surely accommodate your schedule, capacity, interests and skill set.

Event Co-Chair

Event Chairs are “CEOs.” They help build-out the team, manage it, and ultimately
report to the nonprofit.

Having more than one Event Chair (i.e. “co-chairs”) helps divide the workload. It also lets co-chairs focus on areas based on their abilities and personality, for example a “connector” co-chair interacts with people, while an “operations specialist” co-chair focuses on logistics, etc. Some events
even have three co-chairs, typically broken into the sections listed on the previous page.

Artisan Cocktail, Beer, & Wine

ARTISAN COCKTAIL, BEER, & WINE CHAIR(S) coordinates partnerships with a craft brewery to donate & pour at the event, coordinates wine donations for the two-three tasting stations and wine for the
program portion, and coordinated with a local mixologist or beverage company hat can create a signature drink that fits the theme of the event. They communicate pouring stations’ needs to the Venue
Chair for rentals, ensure all alcohol deliveries happen smoothly, greet the drink vendors as they arrive, and ensure that all five stations have the materials they need. There should be two-three winery stations
(one can be a champagne station), one brewery station, and one-two artisan cocktail stations in the Soiree portion of the event.


AUCTION CHAIR(S) seek donations for live, silent, and art auction lots, as well as the Mystère Box raffle.

Find a good “multi-tasker” and someone who isn’t afraid to make the ask. A person with community connections and a well-rounded rolodex will shine here and contribute significantly to the bottom line.
This chair also oversees coordinators of each of the four auction sections: live, silent, and art auction lots and the Mystère Box raffle.


CULINARY CHAIR(S) guarantee guests are well-fed with a variety of colorful and artisanal options.

Foodies apply here! The Soiree portion of the event should have three to four farm-to-table stations that feature savory bites donated from culinary partners. The Program should feature a family-style catered three course dinner at long tables.


ENTERTAINMENT CHAIR(S) manage the music, A/V, emcee, Programme contents, any speakers, run of show script, program slideshow, program performances, and anything else you want to add to create a
dynamic evening. They are the unique thread that weaves throughout the evening to create a cohesive WOW experience.


HOST COMMITTEE CHAIR(S) recruit the Host Committee members who lend their names to the event and help build the mailing list. This really needs to be a well-connected, well-liked individual who knows
socially-influential people.


LAGNIAPPE CHAIR(S) solicit donations for guests’ swag bags. Gifts may be from sponsors, event participants, and/or local businesses. They manage the collection of donations, bag or gift box assembly, timely delivery to the venue, and delivery to guests at the event.


SPONSORSHIP CHAIR (S) create partnerships and win-wins. They are business-development savvy, outgoing people with community connections. They know how to sell potential sponsors on the FTT opportunity for business promotion. They view sales as partnerships, created to benefit the sponsor, the event, and ultimately the cause, and enjoy connecting these components together.

Stage Crew

STAGE CREW CHAIR(S) manage and collect all names of potential volunteers, contact them, and assign them to committees for event day, where individual committee chairs or event day captain manages them. This role needs someone who manages others well in a high-stress situation. We suggest a detail-oriented ninja master of the spreadsheet who’s great with following up.

Table(aux) / Vivant

TABLE(AUX) VIVANT CHAIR(S) manages the most visual, theatrical, and artistic pieces of the event. They coordinate four-five different artists for the Tableaux Vivant pieces in the Soiree, help bring inspiration
based on the event’s theme, and make sure that each Table(aux) Vivant artist understand the dimensions they have to work with based on your venue size. They will communicate with the artists, ensure
production is on track and assist with event day load in, set up and every aspect of activation.

Venue / Logistics

VENUE/LOGISTICS CHAIR(S) manages the décor, as well as logistical nuts and bolts of the event: rentals, lighting, sound system, Step & Repeat display, etc. Basically, the Venue/Logistics Chair(s) are responsible for all site pre-event and event day minutiae. They put out fires on event day. Ideal candidates possess a sense of the theatrical, have great organizational skills, and stay cool under pressure. They recruit
assistants, including a décor coordinator with fabulous ideas for unique, eye-catching visuals.