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Individual counseling for a survivor of domestic violence is most often a good idea. It can be beneficial for a survivor to seek help from a counselor in order to understand the pattern of violence in the relationship, to address the traumatic experiences, and to find seek out healthy ways to cope and heal. A survivor of domestic violence often suffers from symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger, and/or low self-esteem. Speaking with someone who is licensed and knowledgeable in how to address these issues is almost always comforting and will relieve these symptoms. Individual counseling can help a survivor see more clearly through the trauma they experienced and learn to recognize their strengths and minimize any negative beliefs about themselves that may have been learned through an abusive relationship

Group counseling for a survivor of domestic violence provides support and allows the survivor to recognize that they are not alone. Group sessions are always confidential and allow for survivors to empower each other and find strength within their community. Group counseling also helps normalize the survivor's feelings and experiences -- further allowing for healing and growth to take place.

WPS provides individual therapetic counseling services by trained Master's and Doctorate Degree level staff to victims of family ciolence accessing our Center's services.

The client has daily access to therapeutic counseling services. WPS therapeutic counseling services do not promote any one religion or require residents or non-residents to participate in religious groups or use religious materials.

WPS will develope written individual services plans with the resident or non-resident and will reflect upon the resident's or non-resident's particular needs.

WPS Therapeutic Counseling Services will not include probing for weakness, diagnosing, or labeling. Our dedicated staff and volunteers will respect the culture and beliefs of each victim of family violence.

WPS will network with local mental health providers to encourage reduced rate and/or donated services for survivors of family violence who need any services beyond the cope of WPS.

If you or someone you know in the Lubbock region has been in an abusive relationship and would benefit from any of our counseling services, please do not hesitate to call our 24-Hour, confidential Crisis Hotline at

1-806-747-6491 or 1-800-736-6491.

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