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Community Outreach and Education

Women's Protective Services provides presentations to civic groups, organizations, businesses, and others upon request. The presentations describe the services provided for victims at WPS and educate the public on Domestic Violence and the role of the community in ending Domestic Violence. Presentations in Spanish are also available, upon request.

Expect Respect, our Dating Violence Program, is designed for junior high and high school students in schools and organizations across our 12-county service area. The program includes information about emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, characteristics of violent behavior, a video by teens about abuse and its effects, a questionnaire for students on whether they may be victims, and resources for victims of dating violence. The program can be given in a one-hour to two-hour presentation.

Active Listening Skill Training is designed for volunteer training programs int eh 12-county service area. The focus of the program is to teach active listening skills to volunteers in all areas of crisis intervention, as well as providing support and options for survivors of family violence. This program is often requested for presentation to law enforcement officers for South Plains Association of Governments.

Family Violence Training for Court-Ordered Treatment Facility Residents is provided to residents of court-ordered treatment facilities. This is the first male-oriented program for training and groups. The program gives an overview of family violence, recognizes, characteristics of batterers, and focuses on the issues of power and control in relationships. The goal of this program is to provide a 6 to 8 week series on specific issues of family violence at the Lubbock County Corrections Facility and the Brownfield Regional Court Ordered Treatment Facility.

Emotional Abuse Program focuses on the cycle of violence, how emotional abuse affects self-esteem, self-perception, issues of power and control, and the long-term effects of emotional abuse on victims. This program may be presented in one to three hour presentations, to a wide range of groups and organizations.

WPS Volunteer Training Program is a complete training program designed for community volunteers, interns, and practicum students before they become shelter volunteers. The 20-hour training program focuses on all aspects of family violence, active listening, services provided by the shelter, legal aspects of family violence, sexual abuse, children's issues, and mental health issues. This program is offered three times a year.

Medical Training focuses on family violence training, specifically for health care professionals; understanding how to recognize family violence.

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