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Children are affected in many ways when they live in a household where abuse is taking place. We take pride in the programs offered to help children cope with what they may have witnessed.

Children’s and Adolescent Therapy Groups create a supportive and safe atmosphere to explore topics such as self-esteem, needs, coping strategies, identifying and dealing with feelings, problem-solving, safety planning, dynamics of family violence, the grief process, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, etc.

Infant/Toddler Groups (ages 0-3), help children express and identify emotions appropriately, encourage language skills, teach how to get along with others, facilitate motor skills, and help to develop a positive self-image.

Children’s Groups (ages 4-12) are designed for school age children to focus on facilitating positive self-esteem. Children learn to identify and express their emotions, are provided a safe environment to discuss their family background, to identify and to solve problems in school, and to negotiate problematic interactions with others.

Infant Stimulation Groups are designed to help mothers learn to stimulate their infants in a structured play environment. The infants learn to become aware of their surroundings, to manipulate their environments, and learn to respond to their mother’s attention. Mothers learn to appreciate the role they play in their children’s development. Mothers are able to learn age appropriate behavior for their infants.

Mommie N’ Me Groups are designed to help mothers learn to nteract with their toddlers so that both mother and child have feelings of positive self-esteem. Toddlers are encouraged to explore their environments to facilitate positive learning experiences. Mothers learn to identify, to understand, and to manage the developmental tasks their toddlers go through. Because of the structured interaction, mothers and toddlers learn to communicate more effectively.

Parenting Classes are designed to help mothers understand the age appropriate behavior of children in an attempt to reduce and relieve parental frustrations. Mothers are able to discuss problems they encounter in their child-rearing experience to make parenting positive for both mothers and children. Mothers are encouraged to identify and meet their own needs, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc., so that they can meet the needs of their children. WPS teaches parents a philosophy of discipline, which enables the parent to discipline the child without physical force. Mothers and children learn to incorporate these behavior management skills into their everyday lives with the support of WPS staff.

Family Night is often called “Parenting in Action.” In this group, mothers are able to implement the skills they have learned in their parenting classes and their individual parenting sessions. With staff supervision, clients are able to practice parenting skills. During family night, mothers and their children complete projects and crafts together. Staff encourages mothers and children to use positive communication in order to strengthen the family unit.

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